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The Sacrilege
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Update: Sister Yvette Has An Itch That The Lord Can't Scratch
Sometimes a Sister wants cock all the time, so bad that she'll do two at a time. A quick stop to the local bar in town answers her kinky wish. Some devout catholic perverts volunteer their dirty dicks as their offering to the church. This time, their offerings are throbbing dicks in both of Sister Yvette's tight holes and the Devil's dick juice.

Update: Nuns Doing Their Missionary Duty To Please The Pussy
Always curious these sisters want to share their love with another. Blame it on the Devil on their shoulder or on the alcohol. Either way it's all about the fun with the nuns. Once they smell pussy they become ravenous carpet munchers. In the name of the father, the son and the moist pussy. Amen.

Update: Sister Yvette Has A Bad Habit And Has To Tap It
Beware of the Devil. He lurks in the shadows, he lures the innocent, he tempts the devout. The convent is a playground for the Devil. He's the one that makes these nuns lose their inhibitions. God may want their souls but the Devil wants their fun parts. Sister Yvette is warming up her nun giblets to welcome hot Devil dick. She can't escape it 'cause it feels oh so good.

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